Voice samples
English - Corporate -Tata
The corporate narration style for a Tata film.
English - Cricket Commentary Style
The cricket commentary style for an advertisement for a new cricket stadium in Ahmedabad.
English - Documentary
The documentary style for a film on the life of the reputed chartered accountant B K Khare.
English - E-learning Neutral Accent
The e-learning style for an IT firm.
English - E-learning US Accent
A semi accented style for a US based firm.
English - Film Promo
The ‘submarine voice’ movie trailer style.
English - Kirloskar Commonwealth Games
The advertisement style for a Kirloskar genset TV commercial.
English - Marketing - Toyota
The radio commercial style for Toyota.
English - TV Commercial - Mercedes Benz
The Mercedes Benz commercial!
The documentary style for a film on a well known German nun.
Hindi - Elearning - Bosch
A training film on the Electronic Stability Program from Bosch.
Hindi - TV Commercial
The famous Kapil Dev TV commercial for Kinetic.
Hindi - Indian Navy
Battlefield action and sacrifice.
Impression - Ian Mckellen
He played Gandalf, Magneto, etc.
Impression - Sean Connery
His name is Bond, James Bond.
A clipped British Accent
Jolly good show. What ho?